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Some dreams are not cheap.  The Iditarod and racing in general is just such a dream.  With dog care, dog food, race entrance fees, equipment, shipping, and transportation, Snowhook's expenses were approximately $25,000 per race season. 


We gave and give our dream our all---all our effort, all our resources---yet a gap remained.  But, make no mistake, Team Snowhook is more than the dogs on the line or the musher on the runners.  

Today, we give the same energy and focus we did to racing to sharing our Alaska adventures with guests of Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska (SAGA).  Although we are no longer actively racing, we wish to thank Team Snowhook.  Thank you to our corporate or individual sponsors---you made our starting lines, finish lines and all those miles in between possible.  


Our dog dish runneth over,

AJ & Rebecca Savidis and the Snowhook Kennel Team


INDIVIDUAL SPONSORS: Coach & Bev Haun, Carol Lee Harris, Mark Atkins, Mick & Jodi Oxenrider, Kathleen Towns


Chet the Dog Plunderers: Spencer Quinn, Dawson, SiberH, Barb & Maggie & Lucy, B. Stover, Bluecat, Rio the Evil Pug, Beau the Black Pug, Teddy the Ruff Rider of Chevy Chase, Staff, Alice M. Johnson and Abbie, Oley Howlers, Wolfie Wigglebutt , The Newf Pack, Masquers & Bear Spirit Dog, Natasia the Nefarious Borzoi, BooBear, Mollypop & Sam & LouLou, Carol Harris, Tupper & Gilly, Basil & Sage, Macy the MinPin, Rose Witte, Linda Jarzynski, Tyb, Herd of Hounds, Diane C., Scout, Cherokee & Tundra, Trisha Harding of the UK, Turtleman Fred, Catty Librarian




As working sled dogs, they all have one thing in common:


They want to run.

They need to run.

They love to run.








Snowhook's Racing Blogs:


Snowhook Kennel


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