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In 2004, we packed all our worldly belongings on a trailer and moved from living on a mountain in Park City, Utah to Alaska.  For a short time, and in true Clampett-style we made the journey complete with a rocking chair strapped to the top of our truck.  We told family and friends we were moving because Justin (a.ka. AJ, short for Angry Jesus) had a job opportunity.  The real reason was because Rebecca wanted to run dogs---these were the beginning steps of Rebecca’s master plan.


Shortly after moving to Willow, we ended up on the doorstop of a stranger who was musher, Lance Best.  Quickly, he became Rebecca’s mushing mentor.  After running her first team, Rebecca was addicted.  It took some convincing for AJ to agree that this was a good idea.  Snowhook Kennel started out on a small scale with 1.5 sled dogs.  The one being Tenzing who was born to pull, and the .5 being Luna the reluctant sled dog who now holds the enviable title of Chief Mascot and Matriarch of the kennel. 


Originally, AJ said someday our kennel might consist of a total of four dogs.  Rebecca’s master plan included more than four dogs.  Fast forward several years into the master plan, we now operate Snowhook Kennel of more than 40 dogs---some are race dogs, retired dogs, young dogs, old dogs, dogs who don’t think they are dogs and rescued dogs.  Team Snowhook crossed the Iditarod finish line for the first time in 2011.  





As working sled dogs, they all have one thing in common:


They want to run.

They need to run.

They love to run.








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